Korean Food and Drug Association (KFDA) regulations can be a little confusing for food and beverage exporters. For example, its more convenient for an importer to ship at least 100kg per SKU because if the load size falls below 100kg it is not officially recorded in the KFDA system, therefore, each time the product is imported, it must go through a comprehensive lab test, which is expensive and can take up to two weeks to process.

There is also a risk that the lab test reveals that the product does not comply with KFDA regulations, which will result in black listing and disposal of the product.

If an imported food product exceeds 100kg per SKU, it only needs to be lab tested once and then it will be officially recorded in KFDA system. Therefore, many importers will decide to import a least 100kg per SKU for their first shipment so that they don’t have to go through KFDA testing each time they import.