Cooking seems to have become a national obsession in Korea. Celebrity chefs enjoy the kind of fame you would normally associate with pop stars. One of the most popular TV shows on air at the moment is a cooking show that brings together celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey and local talent to open and run restaurants in exotic places like Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.

It is certainly cool to cook in Korea. If only people had more time… The number of single and dual income households has risen rapidly in recent years and these urban professionals are all about convenience. This dichotomy has given rise to a thriving Meal Kit market. Home Meal Replacements (HMR) – sometimes called ‘Ready to Eat’ or ‘Heat and Eat’ meals - are an important category in Korea, but it's the Meal Kit market within this category that is currently capturing peoples attention.

In Korea, a Meal Kit is a nicely branded package of ingredients complete with easy to follow cooking instructions. There are Meal Kits for everything from traditional Korean dishes to Italian style pasta and even tacos.

Food giants such as Donwon, GS Retail and Korea Yakult have already entered this market. Many others are following.

The beauty of Meal Kits is that they do not take away of joy of cooking. A perfect meal is ready in minutes. There’s no waste, no need for extra ingredients and, thanks to the rise in online shopping, its delivered right to the door.