It’s Cherry Blossom season in Korea right now and clever brands are releasing Limited Edition offers in a trend that is becoming a key strategy to drive sales. Emphasising scarcity with ‘Now or Never’ marketing stimulates action and compels purchasing.

It also means that the trend cycle is getting much shorter and brands that don’t adapt run the risk of losing market share.

Orion, a major confectionery company, recently launched “Spring”, a limited edition offering that is differentiated with pink packaging and graphics of fruit and flowers in an effort to directly appeal to women.

SPC Samlip, the largest bakery company in Korea has launched a ‘Cherry Blossom Series’, with themes like ‘Spring with Love’.

Dongseo Food, a major coffee powder maker, launched a limited edition ‘Maxim KANU Spring Blend Americano’ with pink packaging covered in cherry blossoms.